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Star Trek, Vol. 1Star Trek, Vol. 1 by Mike Johnson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Not impressed with the artwork. Flat, unimaginative, simplified.

The plot starts after the 2009 reboot movie with its altered timeline, Kirk, Spock and company looking like the actors of that movie. The plots follow the original series. Nice idea. But it also means that you know what will happen, if you are familiar with Star Trek TOS. Which means no suspense at all.

Where No Man Has Gone Before
The Galileo Seven

The inconsistencies threw me a little–Spock with blue eyes, Kirk with brown eyes. Is that just carelessness, on purpose or badly researched? Oh, hold on, a few pages later, Kirk’s eyes are blue. Then Spock’s eyes are brown, then blue and then brown again. Sigh. Let’s settle on carelessness.

So, the artwork was unimpressive and had inconsistencies, the plot was boring. Not worth it.

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