Progress on S.

S.S. by J.J. Abrams

Update May 18:
I finished the first pass, aka the plain text. I skimmed it, though, it wasn‘t a full read through. I feel pretty uninspired. There was no tension to the story and I didn‘t care for any of the characters. One star for plenty of weirdness.
Will give it a break and then get on with the black and blue margins next week…

Started reading, May 11:
How to read this?

Liam wrote: “So really it’s only three and a bit passes.
1st – Plain Text
2nd – Black and Blue
3rd – Green and Gold
4th – Purple and Red…”

There is also pale, grey witing in the margins. I am guessing it comes between your 1st and 2nd pass. But I am concentrating on the plain text first. I have read (skimmed, really) the first two chapters, trying not to get distracted by the margins and the inserts. Mysterious.

It might be important to leave the inserts where they are. Their position might be significant. I am trying to ignore them.

I found this, which looks intersting and claims to be spoler-free:…

Just received, January 12, 2018… What a fabulous looking book!

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