Done sweeping

Sweep of the Blade by Ilona Andrews

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“I do not comprehend this species. How have they ever managed to achieve interstellar civilization without self-destructing?”

Finally, after about one year of updates, the epilogue in December. And finally, finally the longingly awaited HEA, with a little teaser for the next installment.

I am a little underwhelmed. There was too much discussion about who does what to whom and why for my taste. And too many too detailed descriptions of endless, different settings. And Maud always being the clever one and explaining to the others how it all works got a little old as well. The action scenes were great though. Ilona Andrews knows how to write great sword fights and bloodshed in general.

And I guess it is a tough one to keep a great narrative going in a weekly online serial with barely any editing. At the moment I feel no great need to pick up the edited, improved, mature version. But if the next story in the Innkeeper universe will show up on IAs website, I am game.

Main chapter page: (probably won‘t be available online for much longer)…

PS: I am at a loss about attaching the appropriate genre label. Science Fiction it really isn‘t. Ok, there are space ships and some interstellar travel. But it‘s mostly flying through the great beyond in vessels resembling catsles, with gardens, trees etc. It‘s definitely not UF. Romantic, soft SF? Space Fantasy?

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