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Skyward Vol. 1: My Low-G LifeSkyward Vol. 1: My Low-G Life by Joe Henderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nice artwork, fun story. In Issue #2 we get some backstory and Willa, the main character, starts to live dangerously. There is a stunning panel, showing what happened to those that didn’t make it past G-Day. The action heats up in Issue #3, I especially liked the ending and visuals of Issue #4.

“Water under the bridge.“
70% of the Earth is covered by water. Ok, it’s just about 0.02% of the Earth’s mass, but still… All the world‘s water should have floated up and gone somewhere, right? Well….

Besides all the oceans and free water presumably going wush, what about all the loose dirt and rocks and desert sands? They should also be floating, right? I wonder, how low would the gravity on Earth need to be for an extinction level event? Because, realistically, that‘s what it would mean, wouldn‘t it? Or would it?

I am not sold on the whole premise of this story and the world building seems flawed. Henderson claims to have researched gravity. I enjoyed this comic so much that I am willing to roll with it and suspend my major disbelief.

What did I like? The artwork, the colours, the humour. Willa is a little daft at times, but generally likeable, so is her dad. I like the outfits people wear. The story is fun. Edison is an interesting character. I want to find out his secret.

What did I not like? The holes in the world building, aka how would all this still work with really low gravity? Loose water, loose dirt, loose everything, the weather… What happens to the polar ice caps without water? However, the story telling works just fine, even without those open questions.

Will I continue reading!? Absolutely, it is too well drawn and too much fun not to…

Good interview with Joe Henderson:…

It includes some inside panels of this volume, so you can get an impression of the great artwork.

Apparently Skyward is currently being adapted as a motion picture for Sony.

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