Shark week! Sharks won!

MEG: Primal Waters (Megalodon #3)MEG: Primal Waters by Steve Alten
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Monster pulp fiction had a love child with a National Geographic documentary. Shark Week! It‘s like a really horrible train wreck—I haven‘t been able to look away for the third book in a row now.

Immature characters. Stupid, stupid people. Not passing the Bechdel test. If you are sensitive to that, don‘t touch this book. Oh, and add some fat shaming as well.

Anyway… If you can get past that without ripping the book into teeny, weeny pieces in frustration and exasperation, it‘s pretty fun to read about the ways stupid humans can get eaten by sharks. If I counted right, Megalodon won 17 to nil.

The only character that feels a little like a real person is Jonas Taylor. It probably helps that every time he shows up on page, my hind brain goes „Jason Staham! Yay!“

Prologue and first chapter are mostly recap of the previous two books, with minimal set-up, plus some repetitive and not very exciting info dumps. In the beginning less telling, more showing would have been good. The Daredevil sequences are not all bad. Then there is a good scene in between with David and Mac stuck in the lagoon on a sinking ship. As the action ramps up towards the end of the book, it is indeed fun to read this.

Still, lots of issues with the characters. I can‘t in good conscience give this more than 2 stars… well, maybe ★★½…

Will I read the fourth book? Goodness, it‘s a possibility. But not for a good, long while… There have to be shark/underwater horror books that are written better than this? I am open for suggestions!

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