Lazarus has risen!

Lazarus: Risen #1Lazarus: Risen #1 by Greg Rucka
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bloody! As usual!

The story was ok. A lot of set-up. I expected more, especially after the two part prelude with you-know-who…

Great last page! Bold! But a really mean place to interrupt the story. And the whole thing is too short! Perhaps I have to get used to the new format… I still don‘t trust Johanna. ★★★★☆

Additional short story (text): „Your Last Meal On Earth“ by Lisa Sturges. ★★★½☆

The RPG stuff at the end was fun. And the letters. Especially the answer to the last one. ★★★★★

The science bit was mostly depressing. Humans on Mars in my lifetime. Hopefully not just as an escape plan. ★★★★☆

Now we wait for July, for the next Quarterly! Nice cover page!

Pre-read review:
Looking forward to this a lot! There is a two-part prelude, Lazarus #27 and #28, which might be best read beforehand. If I got my numbering right, this one here would be #29 in the allover series.

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