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The Incal Vol. 4: What is AboveThe Incal Vol. 4: What is Above by Alejandro Jodorowsky
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Took me a bit to get back into the plot. Probably because the plot is a mess. In the first half of this volume I was mostly scratching my head. In the second half a story emerged that made sense and that I even enjoyed. Considering that this is considered the best comic series ever by some, I have to assume that I am not smart enough or that I am reading this wrong.

Three POVs, which is a bit confusing at first. I mostly continue reading, because I bought this first set of six comics in one go. Was the first volume great and then the story just fizzled out or is there something I am not getting? Why is this series so famous?

Ok, the crazy ovulation battle thing up the cone was funny… and the climax very, very weird.

Have I mentioned strong Star Wars and Dune vibes? Dune is a bit of a given, as Jodorowsky had been planned to direct the movie adaptation. I do wonder how that would have looked. Better than David Lynch‘s version? Probably crazier. Anyway…

Sometimes amazing colours and good page layout. At times great visuals. There has to be something that accounts for the fame of this series, right?

After having read these first 4 volumes of the Incal, I am not very happy with the way he portrays women and how he utilizes sexual inuendo. I did a little online research about him and I think I probably would not like him much, if I met him in real life. Difficult to say.

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