Filipino love songs…?

Uncanny Magazine Issue 27: March/April 2019Uncanny Magazine Issue 27: March/April 2019 by Lynne M. Thomas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Review for Taho by D.A. Xiaolin Spires

Poetry. I am woefully under equipped to unterstand it well. Not something I read often. I landed with this story through a bad link and thought… why not?

So, I had to look up stuff….

Kundiman is a genre of traditional Filipino love songs. And Sylvia La Torre is known as the Queen of Kundiman. Listen here:

Arnibal is caramelized brown sugar syrup. Filipino again, I think.

Other than that I have no idea. A bot drives across a Martian landscape with two buckets of food and listens to Filipino love songs… I am stumped.

Did I like it? Well, yes, after the first confusing few lines… Did I understand it? The words, yes. I learned stuff. The meaning, not so much.

Can be read for free here:…

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Driller is a real killer!

Descender #16Descender #16 by Jeff Lemire
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Driller‘s story. Driller is a real killer, right? Here you find out why he keeps saying that. Not as funny as you assumed.

Not the most exciting issue, especially as the last one in Volume 3. More backstory on Dirishu. A bit of a filler, that killer. Does not bring the plot forward. Character development on a limited scale.

Artwork was ok, but nowhere near the spectacularly beautiful issue #15.

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Andy‘s backstory

Descender #15Descender #15 by Jeff Lemire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Took a break and read some other comics. Coming back to this I have to once again say how stunningly well done the artwork is. The sketching as well as the colouring. The art is—well, very artistic. Great!

And the storytelling is good as well. Andy‘s backstory this time. Although I have to confess I never really got his hatred of the robots. I mean, I understand the reasons intellectually. However, I don‘t think the telling of it works well. Or maybe it‘s just that I do not like it that he hates robots so much.

Nice counterpoint with Effie.

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