Ghost story about a ghost story. Meta ghost?

Uncanny Magazine Issue 25: November/December 2018Uncanny Magazine Issue 25: November/December 2018 by Lynne M. Thomas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Review for “The Thing About Ghost Stories“ by Naomi Kritzer, 22 pages, ★★½☆☆

“The most interesting thing about ghost stories is that almost everyone has one.“

A story about a woman collecting ghost stories. Meh. A bit rambling, not quite boring but nothing interesting for me. Her mother‘s Alzheimers and her changing relationship with her was the only redeeming feature, but it was too little to matter.

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Review for “The Rose MacGregor Drinking and Admiration Society,” by T. Kingfisher, 1.885 words, 4 pages, ★★★½☆

“There was a land of elven halls and hollows, … there was a campfire, and around it sat a half-dozen men, and a great bull selkie, and a horse the color of night..“

Normally humans fall for the fey and pine after them…

It was ok. Not sure what makes it so special that it gets nominated for a Hugo award.

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