Bored to tears

Inheritor (Foreigner, #3)Inheritor by C.J. Cherryh
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I know this is a series loved by many and considered a great work of SF, but I give up. I don‘t get it, sorry.

Glimpses of good story telling with exiting developments combined with utter, endless boredom. Put on hold somewhere in the middle. Picked it up again for another 1 and a half hours of listening and I am calling it quits. I do not care. I really, really wanted to and I did actually like the second book of this story arch. I was pretty excited about what it could mean for the rest of the series. Alas. Boring, meandering, talkative. Lack of plot progression. Talk, talk, talk. Juvenile characters. Nothing happening. Bored to tears! So sorry, but nope. I am sure there is a fabulous world hiding somewhere and I am probably missing some subtle point. But…. too bored.

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