Different beauty

The Beauty, Vol. 2The Beauty, Vol. 2 by Jeremy Haun
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not a sequel to volume one, but rather a new story. A trans character, past and present, a life of violent crime, love, bad things happening… The Beauty only plays a marginal role in this volume. Pity, I think I would have liked to stay with the old characters and plot.

The art is (mostly) not as nice as in the first volume, but not without appeal. Different. Not sure I am a huge fan of guest artists in general.


What I thought of the separate chapters:

Chapter 7… a new character, a huge and unhappy guy. Pretty violent, plenty of gore… The Beauty and a metamorphosis…

Chapter 8… different artist than volume one? Not as nice as what we have seen previously, but the story has potential.

Chapter 9… continuation of the previous story. The change in style from the present to the past is well done, with the past storyline a little more indistinct and two-dimensional. Interesting.

Chapter 10… pretty violent. Coming full circle. Nice.

Chapter 11… new story? Definitely back to the nicer artwork of the first volume. Thank goodness for that! And not a new story, just back to the very beginning. I like it.

Some food porn, lol. And revenge.

This volume made me think of John Wick a little.

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