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It Burns: The Scandal-Plagued Race to Breed the World’s Hottest ChilliIt Burns: The Scandal-Plagued Race to Breed the World’s Hottest Chilli by Marc Fennell
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Have you heard of Chilliheads? These people are nuts. Bonkers. Wacked in the head. Look at this, the really painful bit starts 8 minutes into it:


Delightfully silly topic. Unless, obviously, you are a chilli head. In that case this is dead serious, mate! A fun playlist is further down.

Shockingly, there are some shocking and disturbing parts in this narrative as well and not in a good way.

The mentioned Ed Currie and breeding the Carolina Reaper:

The audio talks about trolling, fraud, the mental state of chilliheads… Amazing how much drama people can create around something that does really not seem all that important.

Free from Audible, thank you! P.S.: I love the Aussie accent of the narrator. The audio was nicely dynamic, almost like a radio production. However, a few times the other speakers were not easy to understand and some of the background noises were not clear and made me wonder what was going on.

It was fun to discover something completely new to me. Unfortunately it also led to me watching youtube videos of crazy eating challenges almost all day yesterday. 🙂

Small sample playlist….



Jesus H. Christ on a motorbike. Yeah, right, not going to do that in a hurry. Laughing tears, seriously… Animals are more evolved than we are, right… lol….

Meanwhile, in England…

I was rooting for the guy on the far right… He was so nonchalant about eating those things… and then he was suffering, but soldiering on…

Can you imagine the afterburn? *shudders*


It‘s a lingerer! Mistakes were made! Lol. OMG, my cheeks are hurting from laughing so much.

This guy is certifiable!

Meanwhile, back in England…

Bon Appetit!

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