Swim away, fast!

Thresher: A Deep Sea ThrillerThresher: A Deep Sea Thriller by Michael Cole
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

“Cracks of thunder pounded the chaotic night sky, scrambled with the endless howling of the hundred-thirty-seven mile per hour wind.“

Starting well, going downhill from there… The writing of my previous creature feature horror was definitely better. Here I keep coming across gems like this:

“ When working out contracts with institutes, he explained his studies were for studying migratory habits of marine life.“
Studies were for studying? Just one example of the fairly bad writing in this book.

Added to that are stilted info dumps that mess with the flow of the story. And info gets repeated unnecessarily.

„The nutrition it took in several hours before had long worn off, and its enormous body demanded nutrition.“
Maybe the book‘s editor was eaten by the shark?

There is a lot of backstory about Riker. Which is nice on one hand, but not well done or balanced with any of the other characters. I would have preferred decent scientific background on the marine biology we come across. And scientists that act and sound like scientists.

I have no issue with mindless fun and B-Movie level schlock. But even for that I prefer decent writing. If the writing is sloppy, repetitive, grammatically challenged and badly paced, I am out. This book is in dire need of a better editor. Not picking up anything else by this author. Skimming from the halfway point, DNF at 60%.

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