Fae sh*t!

Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega, #2)Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Parts of the plot are a little silly. Yes, again, I did not remember a thing about it…

Charles oscillates between love sick and scary überwolf. Anna works on her scared wererabbit persona. Jean is the one-dimensional evil dude without character development. I kept mixing up and confusing Arthur and Angus.

There were some fun parts, overall it was very entertaining, especially the last chapters. Again a little convoluted, I didn‘t really buy the bad guy and had pretty much forgotten his motives the moment I finished the book. Ok, it came back to me after thinking about it pretty hard…

As for the rating… that kept moving around 3.5 and not quite 5, from silly plot to unputdownable action sequences. So it goes down to 4 stars.

Chronological reading order and progress for my Mercyverse re-read:

Moon Called
, ★★★★★, 1st Mercy novel
Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson: Moon Called Vol. 1
, ★★★☆☆, comic adaptation of the same…

Alpha & Omega
, ★★★★☆, novella, start of the Alpha & Omega spin-off

Cry Wolf
, ★★★★☆, 1st Alpha and Omega novel

Hunting Ground
, ★★★★ ☆, 2nd Alpha and Omega novel
Blood Bound next Mercy novel…

Complete time-line for the “Mercyverse”, including the short stories:

Original snippet from 2010:
Great fun, loved it! Maybe even more than the first one in this new series by Patricia Briggs.

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