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Iron Kissed (Mercedes Thompson, #3)Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs
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‘You need to choose,’ he told me intently. ‘Adam or Samuel or neither. But you can’t keep them dangling.’

They keep dangling for a while. But it‘s not as painful as I remember it. I actually like Samuel so far. Mostly. The resolution of this particular dilemma is anticlimactic.

Mercy is still dealing with some of the things she stuck her paws into in the previous books…

It was Adam’s trouble that had started everything. Then I’d owed the vampires for helping me with Adam’s problems. Clearing that up had left me indebted to the fae.

So, this time around we get to know the fae much better and finally make a trip to the Walla Walla reservation. As scary supernatural beings go, I think the vampires were much scarier, especially Marsilia. The fae are supposed to be, but it‘s all vague and a little nondescript and shrouded in mystery. Ok, the reservation is pretty cool. And the Fideal was fun in a nasty way.

The latter part of the book goes to a place the usual UF doesn‘t tend to go. The horrible thing that happens is not graphic (luckily) and happens mostly in the off. I am still mulling over the aftermath and if I like what Briggs did with it. I am not quite buying it.

On the lighter side of things, in this issue we meet my favourite non-sentient being… thing… item of power… The Walking Stick. I love it. Him? Feels like a him.

Considering that I couldn‘t put this down and read half the night on a work night, this deserves 5 stars from me, same as the first time around.

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First read in 2008:

Zee is arrested as a murder suspect. Mercy tries everything to help her old boss. Not a favourite move with the resident fairy community. And on top of that she’s having major relationship problems — it looks as if it’s high time to decide between Samuel or Adam.
Very entertaining, the third book in this series is still going strong. Not as good as the Kitty Norville books, but a very close contender.

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