Trouble in Boston…

Fair Game (Alpha & Omega, #3)Fair Game by Patricia Briggs
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Charles is suffering in his role as his father‘s enforcer, killer of wayward werewolves and all around bogeyman. Anna has a cunning plan. There is a serial killer in Boston and the FBI ask for help. Anna takes the opportunity to do just that, to get Charles out of his rut and help him to get better.

This time around this is more of a police procedural and we even get a new POV from Leslie, an FBI agent they work with. And there are fae and stupid humans.

I enjoyed this one! And I still don‘t remember any of the plots…

Reading order and progress of my chronological Mercyverse re-read:
Moon Called, ★★★★★, Mercy #1
Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson: Moon Called Vol. 1, ★★★☆☆, comic adaptation of the same…
Alpha & Omega, ★★★★☆, Alpha & Omega #0.5
Cry Wolf, ★★★★☆, Alpha & Omega #1
Hunting Ground, ★★★★☆, Alpha & Omega #2
Blood Bound, ★★★★★, Mercy #2
Iron Kissed, ★★★★★, Mercy #3
Bone Crossed, ★★★★★, Mercy #4
Silver Borne, ★★★½☆, Mercy #5,
River Marked, ★★★★☆, Mercy #6
Fair Game, ★★★★★, Alpha & Omega #3
– Next: Frost Burned, Mercy #7

Complete time-line for the “Mercyverse”, including the short stories:…

First read in 2011:

This is the third book in the Alpha & Omega series, if you don’t count a short story published in the anthology On the Prowl. It is set before the actual series and introduces the two main characters, Anna and Charles. You don’t have to read it to understand the series, but I certainly liked the background it gave me.

Alpha & Omega sometimes crosses paths with Briggs’ other series, centering around werewolf Mercedes Thompson (First book: Moon Called). Some of the characters in her universe appear in both series. For maximum enjoyment I would suggest reading Mercy Thompson first, at least the first few books and in order, before you branch out to Alpha & Omega. That way you get to know all the characters and understand the dynamics of her world much better. Plus Mercy Thompson is a lot of fun!

Right, so Fair Game! Good plot, lots of suspense, well drawn characters. I guessed pretty early on who the bad guy was, but that didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the story (much). Very good, still going strong and I’m looking forward to the next book.

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