Aliens in between

ALIEN: In den Schatten: Die komplette Staffel

(Canonical Alien Trilogy #1)

by Tim Lebbon (Goodreads Author)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This is the German version of Alien: Out of the Shadows, which came for free from Audible Germany. And that is a full-cast, abbreviated version of the novel of the same name.

Set between the first two movies. Ripley was awoken somewhere else first and—you might have guessed already—things go downhill fast from there. Not bad. Although it was a little challenging at times to figure out what was going on. The mine reminded me very strongly of the setting of the second movie, especially the whole brouhaha with the escalator. The plot was not terribly imaginative. You basically wait for everybody to be decimated one by one with the exception of Ripley and generally just wonder who will bite the dust next.

Ripley sounds like Ripley (or rather like her German dubbing voice). Great voice casting in general. Ash is a little too repetitive for my taste.

I do not recommend this to anybody who hasn‘t seen some of the movies. As this is an abbreviated version with a lot of vague sound effects and there is little to no world building, I think it would be too meaningless to anybody completely new to the Alienverse. 


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And now to something completely different—OMG, is it just me or is this newer WordPress editor a major pain in the derriere? Wow.

That was brutal. And I don‘t mean the zombies!

The Walking Dead: The Best Defense (The Walking Dead, #5)
by Robert Kirkman,  Charlie AdlardCliff Rathburn

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As mentioned, we are still in prison and we finally make the acquaintance of The Governor…

Meeting the man in charge…

From that point onwards it gets really violent and brutal. We have definitely entered the world of the very, very mature reader. Wow. Good though, if you can stomach the violence. Practically makes me quake in my fluffy socks in anxiousness and fright regarding volume 6…

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