That was brutal. And I don‘t mean the zombies!

The Walking Dead: The Best Defense (The Walking Dead, #5)
by Robert Kirkman,  Charlie AdlardCliff Rathburn

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As mentioned, we are still in prison and we finally make the acquaintance of The Governor…

Meeting the man in charge…

From that point onwards it gets really violent and brutal. We have definitely entered the world of the very, very mature reader. Wow. Good though, if you can stomach the violence. Practically makes me quake in my fluffy socks in anxiousness and fright regarding volume 6…

This weekend I am taking part in a readathon, rather unsuccessfully. You can find more under these hashtags or at Goodreads, following the link:

#24b4monday #24b4mondayreadathon

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