This one was a corker…

Sub Zero
by Matt James

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

Oh my goodness, the writing is ridiculously bad. 

Bad grammar, odd changes in tense, endless waffling without relevance to the action taking place, logical errors in the plotting, unrealistic characters, repetition… Where was the editor? Or a beta reader? 

I am willing to overlook a lot in my popcorn creature features, but I can‘t read this, sorry! DNF at 21%. Yikes.

P.S.: I would be happy for recommendations of some entertaining light horror, set underwater. I have an obsession with caves, diving, etc….

Wham, boom, BANG!

The New Avengers, Volume 2: Sentry
by Brian Michael Bendis (Writer),  Steve McNiven

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So, in Vol. 1 all these bad guys were broken out of prison, a new Avengers team assembled with unlikely characters like Wolverine, and started hunting down those bad guys. One of the presumably bad guys in Vol. 1 was the Sentry. Not quite as bad? Misunderstood? Watch this space…

I still like the artwork a lot. It mixes in some old comic artwork, which was fun in the context of this story, aka New Sentry reading about Old Sentry…

The alternating plots and timelines are nicely done. And is there any Marvel superhero or mutant not having a cameo in this thing? 

I like the slow-motion sequences! 

And this guy really looks like Leonard Nimoy…

This was a lot of fun. It was pretty hyper and so am I now…

Blast from the past…

New Avengers Vol. 1: Breakout (The New Avengers)
by Brian Michael Bendis,  David Finch (Illustrator) 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Had another quick skim at this as a reminder, as I just picked up Volume 2 and did not really remember much. Three years since I read this, wow…

This is a lot of fun and has very nice artwork. Definitely worth it, if you are a fan of the Marvel Comic movies…

1st read, August 2017:

The plot interested me right from the start, I enjoyed this one quite a bit!

Liked the artwork, brilliant colours, nice fit for a story about superheroes. Good humour. Fun story, not too predictable. Definitely interested in the next installment of this series.

It‘s the bioapocalypse…

Behemoth (Rifters, #3)
by Peter Watts

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Prelude: ´lawbreaker

We meet Achilles Desjardins again. And…

“The past receded; the unforgiven present advanced. The world fell apart in time-lapse increments: an apocalyptic microbe rose from the deep sea, hitching a ride in the brackish flesh of some deep-sea diver from N’AmPac. Floundering in its wake, the Powers That Weren’t dubbed it ßehemoth, burned people and property in their frantic, futile attempts to stave off the coming change of regime. North America fell.“


We are at the bottom of the Atlantic. Hiding away, in conjunction with our former enemy.

Very readable, mostly. There are sequences where I don‘t understand a thing… Lenie is a bystander a lot of the time, shunned not only by the other side, but also by her own people. We as readers often do not take part in the action, but look at what‘s happening from the outside, from her POV. I am not a fan of that way of story telling. But it‘s what it is, when reading from limited POVs, I guess.

I am not certain that I really understood what went on in this book. Yes, hiding away, conflict with the opposing inmates, revolution, mutation, a new infestation… Got that. Much head scratching. I also missed a stronger sense of being underwater. It almost did not feel as if they were spending time in the deep sea.


Emerging from the sea… This one more linear and with more traditional story telling at first. I really liked the new character, Taka.

Trigger warning: <spoiler>Torture, mutilation, rape</spoiler>

I could have done without that part. It added nothing to the plot and made me uncomfortable. Was it just for the shock effect? Because as a plot point it was pretty pointless or at the most served as a tool for a info dump. It actually turned me off so much, that I lost my motivation to keep going. 

Consequently I really struggled with the last 100 pages. I literally lost the plot. I couldn‘t grasp what was going on or why Ken and Lenie did what they were doing.

The big reveal at the end left me rather cold, I was glad to be finished and disappointed with the resolution of this trilogy. Did the final conflict really have to happen in the off? Clarke as a mere bystander did not make me happy either. She devolved into the chick on the side. She really did not gell for me in Seppuku. I understand that characters can change and develop, but I could not relate to Lenie’s progression. 

I really liked the first book, it had a good plot and setting and a strong, convincing main character in Lenie Clarke. Maelstrom and Behemoth (ß-Max & Seppuku) were confusing over long stretches and hard to understand. I admit to skimming quite a bit of the techno babble. I think stopping after the first book would have been best.

How to rate this? Considering that I struggled to finish, had problems to follow the plot, disliked the character inconsistency of Lenie Clake and the gratuitous violence/torture, I can‘t really give this more than two stars.

In my headspace Noomi Rapace took over the role of Lenie Clarke.

A free version of this book(s) can be found here.


  • Georg Friedrich Händel, Water Music
  • Tchaikovsky, Iolanta
  • Sergei Prokofiev
  • Igor Strawinsky

German Excursion…

Monster 1983: Die komplette 1. Staffel (Monster 1983, #1-10)
by Ivar Leon Menger,  Anette Strohmeyer (Goodreads Author), Raimon WeberNana Spier (Narrator), Erich Räuker (Narrator), Simon Jäger (Narrator), Andreas Fröhlich (Narrator), Benjamin Völz (Narrator) , David Nathan(Narrator), Luise Helm (Narrator), Ekkehardt Belle (Narrator)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Ich konsumiere meine Bücher und Hörbücher normalerweise nur in Englisch. Diese Hörspiel war umsonst, daher dachte ich mir, ich versuche mal mein Glück! Beim zweiten Anlauf habe ich dann auch bis zum Ende durchgehalten. 


Morde in einer kleinen, beschaulichen Küstenstadt in New England. Ein Sheriff klärt auf. Schlagworte mysteriös und unheimlich. Das Ende war nicht schlecht und könnte mich tatsächlich dazu bewegen, mir die zweite Staffel zu holen. 

Die Wahl des Ortes und des Jahrzehnts haben sich mir nicht erschlossen. „Gruselspaß“ und ein „schrecklich schauriges Hörvergnügen“ — Na ja, es ging so. Obwohl es letzte Nacht im dunklen Schlafzimmer schon kurz etwas gruselig war, für ungefähr 20 Sekunden…


Die Besetzung war in der Tat super. Ich kann mit den Namen zwar nichts anfangen, da ich sehr wenig deutsches TV sehe, aber ein paar der Stimmen kamen mir bekannt vor. Allen voran der Bürgermeister mit der Synchronstimme von Magnum. Und war Fischer die Synchronstimme von Ralph Fiennes?

Ab und zu hatte ich Schwierigkeiten, die Personen auseinander zu halten.

Spannung: ★★☆☆☆

Story insgesamt: ★★★☆☆

Besetzung: ★★★★☆

Insgesamt war es ok. Wenn die zweite Staffel günstig ist, würde ich mir sie anhören. 

Warnung: Auf keinen Fall die Beschreibung der zweiten Staffel lesen, sie verrät zuviel!

I apologize for this review in German-only. The original audiobook is in German as well, so my brain ran in that direction. If the mood strikes me, I might translate it at some point.

Dewey‘s Readathon — Wrap-up

April 2020 Readathon Wrap-Up

And the 24 hours are up! I didn‘t read as long as I wanted, but the total is not bad. Maybe next time I will at least crack the twelve hours.

Total time read: 11h 32m, about 580 pages
 Ebook: 04h 23m, approx. 200 pages of this book— about 2 hours left.
Audio: 07h 09m, approx 380 pages — finished, review to come.

Releasing my inner nerd, that means I read about 50-90 pages per hour (depending on calculating it with or without the time I slept). That page count is pretty much on par for me. The whole calculation is highly subjective of course. Different fonts, page sizes, page layout, etc., skew the result…

Anyway, sorry for being a nerd! I will now catch up with Insta and Goodraeds and the rest of you guys in general…  Until the next Dewey‘s in October!

Dewey‘s — Recap of the last few hours

I’m up, I’m up!!! I slept through the last few hours. I had to, otherwise I would have been a total zombie today! Drawback: I will not even reach a total of 12 hours reading time. Here is a recap of the last few posts from Dewey‘s website:

Hour 23 – What motivates you to read?

What motivates me to read? I read a lot during work, which means I usually avoid non-fiction like the plague. It feels too much like work. I am trying to get better about that.

So traditionally I read for entertainment. Pure escapism, boldly going to places nobody has gone before. Well, no, I actually prefer to go together with others, therefore I have been very active on Goodreads for many years. There was a slump a few years back, but I rekindled my love of reading SF and found a great group on GR of likeminded people.

Hour 21 – Twenty-two Readathons Ago…

Do I remember my first readathon? Barely. It was a Dewey‘s Readathon as well, quite a few years ago. Back then I still used FB and Twitter and might have been active there. I don‘t remember if I stayed up or how many hours I managed to stay awake…

Hour 20 – why do you show up?

This time around I actually joined up wanting to connect and maybe find other reading enthusiasts with similar reading tastes. In my real life I don‘t really have that. Other readers, yes, but our reading tastes are very different and I have never managed to connect with them about books in a meaningful way. Reading SF and Fantasy is perceived as weird by many. No idea.   

Hour 16 – Do you want to be a kid again?

Nope, thank you. I never wanted to be a kid or a teenager again. I always enjoyed to be a grown-up. I am not a fan of YA and the only children‘s fiction I re-read fairly regularly is The Hobbit.

Hour 15 -Rachel Noel – Reading During Readathon

1. What are you reading right now?

I am still reading Behemoth and Monster 1983, as before. I might not finish them until the end of the readathon, but I plan to do so today.

2. How many books have you read so far?

Well, those two. I picked two chunksters for my readathon, hence a non-existing finishing list.

3. What book are you most looking forward to for the second half of the Read-a-thon?

I spent most of it sleeping so far. I will try to read as much as possible until the finishing time. 

4. Have you had many interruptions? How did you deal with those?

My parents called and I chatted with a friend. I gave up reading time for that, because people are important. The biggest interruption of my reading time was the readathon itself, with its updates, posts and Instagram. But it was fun.

5. What surprises you most about the Read-a-thon, so far?

How much I let myself get distracted, when reading.

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Dewey‘s 24h Readathon — Hour 12

So, I am still at it, although my actual reading average per hour is not spectacular. I made good inroads into my audiobook, doing the water in my tricky Venice puzzle at the same time…

So far I am completely clueless, who might have done it. The male voices are a little too similar at times. Some guy had the crazy giggles, he is a strong contender, but I am not sure who he actually was…

Anyway, I will tackle the puzzle‘s sky in the morning. It‘s hard work under artificial light.

It‘s just past 1 a.m. and I am starting to feel knackered. I am going to get a little snack and drink something refreshing and get back to my ebook for a while…

Dewey‘s 24h Readathon – Hour 6

I read for about half of the time so far. Looking at what the other participants are up to is fun, but tends to take away quitE some time.

I read Behemoth (Rifters, #3) by Peter Watts for an hour and then started to listen to an audiobook, whilst cooking dinner and then doing the dishes:

Not sure yet, if I really like this one. Two hours in we have quite a body count. It‘s a dramatization with several actors. It might have a supernatural element, too early to tell.

„Mamaborg’s Milk and the Brilliance of Gems“ is forthcoming in Clarkesworld!

I am happy to announce that my short story, „Mamaborg’s Milk and the Brilliance of Gems,“ is forthcoming in Clarkesworld! —with thanks to Neil Clarke…

„Mamaborg’s Milk and the Brilliance of Gems“ is forthcoming in Clarkesworld!

Just in case you are following this author… I am struggling to pin down, what I have read already. One story that I did find was this:

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 147
by Neil Clarke

Marshmallows by D.A. XIAOLIN SPIRES, 3430 words, ★★★☆☆
A world that has gotten so gruesome and dilapidated that people on their daily commute use visual and auditory enhancements to see a more appealing world. I did not like the storytelling much per se, but the idea was interesting enough.

She herself calls this her augmented reality holiday story at her blog

She also mentions being inspired by another short story. Although that one was even shorter, I liked it more for where it took me as a reader.

Can be found for free here