Decent shifter UF

Justice Calling (The Twenty-Sided Sorceress, #1)
by Annie Bellet

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The blurb reminded me strongly of the Iron Druid Chronicles. Hiding away, comic and gaming shop owner, stranger showing up and things start going sideways. Fast-paced, slightly juvenile vocabulary, nothing too serious. There was‘t a lot of character development and the world building was pretty basic, too. For a little over 100 pages it was decent enough. The shifter set-up is different to what I have come across before. And the powers of our heroine have potential and a certain interesting ickiness. Probably more fun for gaming and role-playing nerds. There is the required Instalust, but it‘s at a bearable level. Apparently he is sticking around, so sex is on the horizon. All boxes checked.

Better than expected. I can see myself picking this series up again at some point.

Into the wild black yonder

To The Center Of The Earth
by Greig Beck

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I declare the earth is hollow, habitable within, and that it can be reached via deep caverns hidden about the world. I pledge my life to this truth and I am ready to prove my theory true.

Cavers go down deeper and deeper, in search of rumours, old tales and whoever inspired Jules Verne. Here there be monsters.

I was in search of something light, some underwater/caving creature feature and this looked interesting. There was one editing mistake early on, otherwise the writing was good. The characters were fleshed out sufficiently. I connected enough to care. It was suspenseful. There was humour. The critters were creepy and the world very imaginative and believable. I had fun. 

The ending was maybe a touch too fantastic, however also left the reader with two small plot bunnies, making me wonder if maybe there was a sequel? I would read it. Door 2 would mean reading Jules Verne…