Speculative poetry maybe?

I am currently buddy reading a SF poetry anthology, besides reading some Hard SF and a contemporary romance. SF poetry is a fairly new experience for me. This is it:

The 2020 Rhysling Anthology (Paperback)
by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

The anthology is split into short and long poems. I will try to whittle it down to my favourite poems — one short and one long. I follow the rating system of one of my reading buddies:

Bundle the liked poems into groups of six for the whole anthology and out of each group of six select your favourite poem again. And so on. I am still in my first readthrough.

Here is one of the poems I liked so far:

Fallen But Not Down – Sarah Cannavo

Your wings might be dirty,
white feathers darkened with mud
and blood, stiffened by sweat and
burned to peeling by the sun
constantly beating down at your
back, they might be seized so tight
with disuse that when you finally
spread them again it feels like
you’re tearing yourself apart,
a new agony with each beat, but
for all that, they’re still wings.

It can be found here