Dewey‘s 24h Readathon — Hour 12

So, I am still at it, although my actual reading average per hour is not spectacular. I made good inroads into my audiobook, doing the water in my tricky Venice puzzle at the same time…

So far I am completely clueless, who might have done it. The male voices are a little too similar at times. Some guy had the crazy giggles, he is a strong contender, but I am not sure who he actually was…

Anyway, I will tackle the puzzle‘s sky in the morning. It‘s hard work under artificial light.

It‘s just past 1 a.m. and I am starting to feel knackered. I am going to get a little snack and drink something refreshing and get back to my ebook for a while…

Dewey‘s 24h Readathon – Hour 6

I read for about half of the time so far. Looking at what the other participants are up to is fun, but tends to take away quitE some time.

I read Behemoth (Rifters, #3) by Peter Watts for an hour and then started to listen to an audiobook, whilst cooking dinner and then doing the dishes:

Not sure yet, if I really like this one. Two hours in we have quite a body count. It‘s a dramatization with several actors. It might have a supernatural element, too early to tell.

„Mamaborg’s Milk and the Brilliance of Gems“ is forthcoming in Clarkesworld!

I am happy to announce that my short story, „Mamaborg’s Milk and the Brilliance of Gems,“ is forthcoming in Clarkesworld! —with thanks to Neil Clarke…

„Mamaborg’s Milk and the Brilliance of Gems“ is forthcoming in Clarkesworld!

Just in case you are following this author… I am struggling to pin down, what I have read already. One story that I did find was this:

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 147
by Neil Clarke

Marshmallows by D.A. XIAOLIN SPIRES, 3430 words, ★★★☆☆
A world that has gotten so gruesome and dilapidated that people on their daily commute use visual and auditory enhancements to see a more appealing world. I did not like the storytelling much per se, but the idea was interesting enough.

She herself calls this her augmented reality holiday story at her blog

She also mentions being inspired by another short story. Although that one was even shorter, I liked it more for where it took me as a reader.

Can be found for free here