It hasn‘t soured yet…

Ok then, I am finally attempting to raise a sourdough starter.

Yes, yes, this is not a book review. Sometimes I bake…

This is the recipe I decided to try out:

Beginner Sourdough Starter Recipe


I followed the instructions and the little guy is in the cold oven (5 p.m.), with the light switched on. I am dubious about that.

Anyway, I have to remember to switch off the light when I go to bed. Maybe I‘ll set the mason jar on top of my heating unit later….

Tomorrow afternoon I should see small bubbles? Fingers crossed!

Any suggestion how to name the starter? I chuckled at Rye Breadbury, Carrie Breadshaw and Clint Yeastwood. I am trying to come up with something equally funny in German, but so far nothing….

@theclevercarrot #theclevercarrot

4 thoughts on “It hasn‘t soured yet…

    1. Sourdough is a mix of yeast and lactobacillus something… we‘ll see if it works! I mastered making my own joghurt, I hope I will get this to work as well. Yeast is hard to come by in the shops at the moment and I like sourdough bread… Last summer in Florence on holiday there where quite a few pizza places as well, that make their pizza with sourdough…

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