Everyday Sourdough

Artisan Sourdough Made Simple: Practical Recipes & Techniques for the Home Baker with Almost No Kneading
by Emilie Raffa

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I got this for my current sourdough obsession. I followed the sourdough recipe of the author in her blog and decided to try out her book as well. I leafed through it from front to back and liked the look of it and the bits I did read so far.
This looks like a good beginner‘s book with clear instructions, with accompanying photos of how to knead, shape, etc…


It tickled my funny bone that she recommends Le Creuset as a dutch oven for baking… guess what I have sitting in my kitchen for roasts… score!


I raised my sourdough starter for almost two weeks and at the end of last week finally dared and made the Everyday Sourdough Bread. It‘s the first bread recipe in this book, aka the beginner‘s loaf.


And here it is, a little flat (I probably overproofed it), but with a crunchy crust and a mild, tangy flavour. Yay!


I am pleased with this book and it’s hands-on, practical recipes and and step-by-step photographs. Recommended! I will continue to work my way through its recipes.

4 thoughts on “Everyday Sourdough

  1. Very cool! Bread noob question (I just made my first yeasted loaf in decades yesterday)–why use sourdough starter? Is is the flavor it imparts? Because I’ve bought some ‘sourdough’ that certainly had the classic flavor, but I’ve also bought some that seemed just the same as a packaged yeast dough. Is the idea the rise or the flavor or the texture?

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    1. Supposedly sourdough is healthier. I haven‘t read up on it, so I can‘t say nay or yay. It‘s the flavour as well. And the fun of growing my own sourdough starter and then actually using it to bake. And giving some of my sourdough starter to friends, who are now really excited about using it to bake bread… lol. In the 80s, when I was a teenager, it was really in to get a sourdough starter from friends, multiply it, bake with it and pass some of it onwards… sort of like a chain letter…

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      1. The chain-letter bread is fun! There was an “Amish” starter that went around for awhile that was quite delish. Since it required instant pudding, I highly doubt the ‘Amish’ part of the name… I could see the flavor piece. I remember when I had my first SF sourdough… yummy. Sometimes the store sourdough–meh.

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