The sourdough baking book that I didn‘t like so much…

And another excursion into baking with sourdough. I posted about this book already at the beginning of May. Here is an update:

Sauerteig: Echtes Brot und mehr
by Sarah Owens,  Ngoc Minh Ngo (Illustrator)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I used the buckwheat pancake recipe with some light changes and tweaks and liked it.

Right now I used another pancake recipe, for oven-baked pancakes with a fruit filling. It reminded me strongly of Clafoutis. My fruit of choice was rhubarb (which is actually a vegetable, I think) and it was very tasty!


Bread next… because someone over on Goodreads told me that he scales the recipes to fit his needs all the time and it works. I always thought that is a no-go with baking. But ok, I will try it at some point and halve one of the bread baking recipes…

Right now I am a little happier with this book. If the next attempt works as well, I might raise my star rating…

Yes, the wine is just for the cook, it‘s not part of the recipe…

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