Normal is overrated

How to Be a Normal Person (How to Be, #1)
by T.J. Klune (Goodreads Author) 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This is the right story for you, if you are looking for a nice, uncomplicated romance with a dash of quirky characters and an unassuming plot. Plus hipsters and lesbian, polyamorous biker queens. And a ferret. I want one. And lots and lots of weed smoking. And not a lot of plot.

My first Klune was Tell Me It’s Real. It was ok-ish, but didn‘t do much for me and I didn‘t finish before my KU ran out. That made me a bit apprehensive about buddy reading this one. But I liked grumpy Gus and company.

The beginning of this book reminded me a little of Groundhog Day. By chapter four I was a little in love with Gus and wanted to adopt him.

It was fun to read about this quirky bunch of characters and how Gus attempts to become more normal, while wooing Casey the hipster. Turns out that being normal is overrated.

However, the amusing characters and sometimes snort-inducing writing carries the mostly plotless narrative only so far. By around two-thirds into the book I started to feel a little…. well, not bored exactly, but a little impatient and hoping for some drama or at least some plot progression towards a HEA. Or just more plot. Still, nice story, so despite a little skimming it was almost all good. I might read more by the author.

Can I assume that Casey is TJ Klune in disguise?

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