Back from the barbecue…

The focaccia was a hit, my friends loved it!


The chili flakes and garlic were a nice touch. Next time I would add more Gorgonzola, we didn‘t really taste that. Or feta could be nice, too. 

There was a small snafu, before I left the house… when I took the focaccia out of the baking pan, I saw that the bottom wasn‘t really done. It was still moist, although the bread was baked through. Probably because there was so much olive oil in the pan! So I switched the oven back on and put the focaccia back inside, bottom side up. I gave it another 10 minutes and it developed a nice crust. So yummy!

I left half of the left-over bread with my friends and rest came back home with me, with a bowl of tzatziki. Looking forward to lunch tomorrow! Actually, I think I am going to have a small piece now… 😃

5 thoughts on “Back from the barbecue…

  1. I love good focaccia! The local bakery that did a really good one closed for the duration, & likely forever, I’m afraid. So long to their wonderful quiche, great scones….
    Sadly, the owner has (sfaict) no business sense whatever! Her B&B is still going, and the phone works, so perhaps theirs hope??

    Just saw your blog here. I’ll be back.

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