Say it in ten lines or less, again…

Dwarf Stars 2020
by Robin Mayhall (editor) 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

So, my second, third, fourth and maybe fifth read through of this SF poetry anthology of very short poems…

I narrowed the selection of favourite poems down further and further. To make the decision easier, I looked for poems that created interesting imagery in my mind, wanting me to spin the story forward…

My favourite three: 

1. [seeing stars] • Christina Sng 
2. [stargazing on Olympus Mons] • Greer Woodward 
3. [hoping for the best …] • Johannes S. H. Bjerg 

seeing stars with

my final breaths

hull breach

These slightly longer ones are my runner-ups:

1. [Notes for the Next Letter Home] • Herb Kauderer 
2. [Balancing Act] • Deborah L. Davitt with D. A. Xiaolin Spires & Gretchen Tessmer 
3. [Standing Up] • John C. Mannone 

To be honest, if I read the whole anthology again in a few weeks, I would probably end up with a completely different set of poems!

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