Bad science

Black Science #1
by Rick Remender,  Matteo Scalera (Illustrator), Dean White (Illustrator) 

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Forbidden science. Think of Lost In Space with a twist. A group of scientists are thrown off course and seem to be jumping dimensions or alternate realities, trying to get home. Sabotage might play a part.

Wild guess though, as for half of this issue all you get to see is a guy running from aliens and lamenting how it was all his fault and everybody else didn‘t deserve this. Yeah, yeah, got it. Pop-psychology, running, screaming, one-dimensional and bland characters. The rest doesn‘t offer a lot of insights or meaningful developments of any kind. I was left with a big „Whatever!“ 

The artwork had its moments. I didn‘t like the look of the faces, they looked very old-school. And that human with the negative attitude had really weird ears.


Oh, another reviewer raised a very good question: Why would a fish woman have boobs?

Not continuing.

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