A bit of a gap since my last book post… Maybe it‘s the weather, but I can‘t quite get myself to read for longer stretches at a time right now. So I am not making much progress with the novels I am currently reading. Here is another short story…

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 156
by Neil Clarke (Goodreads Author),  Suzanne Palmer (Goodreads Author), Bella HanSara Saab (Goodreads Author), M.L. Clark (Goodreads Author), Gabriela Santiago

Review for Dave‘s Head by Suzanne Palmer

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is—you guessed it—a short story about a head.

He’s taken his head off again, somehow, and I never can figure how he does it with no thumbs or even fingers, and I know my uncle didn’t help, but there it is on the rug waiting for me, Dave’s head, and he opens his gigantic mouth wide and looks at me with his big, brown fake eyes, and says, “Road trip?”

Dave‘s Head by Suzanne Palmer

The narrator takes an interesting road trip with Dave’s head, that‘s for sure! A slightly different AI story… This was fun, although I couldn‘t quite grasp what the author intended to say with this story — I didn‘t read it in one sitting though, which might have been the reason.

Can be read for free here….

I will read more by the author, this is the second of her stories that I really liked. The other one was The Secret Life of Bots. Recommended!