Spiderman would not have been able to save this one…

Sharkantula: Shark. Tarantula. Sharkantula. (A B-Movie Novel Book 1)
by Essel Pratt (Goodreads Author) 

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Shark. Tarantula. Sharkantula.
Is your spidey sense tingling yet?

The beginning was not bad. I had hopes of a fun read. However, the writing was not good enough for me to turn a blind eye to it in favour of my trashy read.

The way the gay couple was written was annoying and offensive. Over the top, too much of a cliché. Really bad innuendos. Very infantile and not funny.

It took too long for the sharkantula action to get going. I was ready to toss the book by the time the first shark with spider legs showed up.

The animals were too anthropomorphized for my taste.

The shark is shooting spider silk from its tail. How? From its butt? D-oh. This is too silly and lacking any redeeming features. Thank goodness that I spent no money on this. DNF at 48%.