Fighting, running, silicone life…

BLAME! Vol. 3

by Tsutomu Nihei

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Here are my chapter comment, written down as I read them…

::LOG.21:: THE HYBRID ::003::
Ok, odd. I didn’t remember Cibo changing this way in the last volume (view spoiler). And I am not really sure what happens there at the end or what Kyrii does exactly.

Artwork—Matrix meets Aliens.

Inside. This reminds me of that horror movie, where they are in a maze of cubes with changing gravity, directions and various horrors behind every door…


Safeguards! Eep!

Confusing fight scenes and I find it difficult to understand the action sequences.

::LOG.24:: THE EIGHTH CAVE ::105::
New, rather ominous characters. Cibo does interesting things with her body.
I am starting to wonder if Kyrii is a pod-person, because he barely speaks or does anything.

::LOG.25:: HACKING ::141::
Have we met the Silicone Life in the previous volumes?
My comment regarding the fight scene: wut? What is going on? I was underwhelmed by this chapter.

::LOG.26:: THE UNSTABLE CAVE ::171::
Nice chapter cover!


A furious start and towards the end of this chapter another Moebius flash…


I am not a big fan of the action sequence in the beginning of this chapter. Similarly to scenes in previous chapters I found it hard to interpret what is happening. What did happen?

::LOG.28:: VERSIONS ::251::
Slightly more inspired battle scene. However, I wouldn‘t mind some plot. Here is my problem with these characters: I don‘t like any of them. And I am still not sure, what their motivations are or where they are headed. Maybe I am not reading this fast enough and struggling to remember. Or they are just not that memorable.

And again some frames that were just indecipherable.

Some plot, yay. I like Mensab and Seu better this way. Not sure that I kept track of the whole time shift and forwarding thing… and I lost the plot again, what little of it there was.

::LOG.30:: THE ENDLESS WAR ::311::

Wut? Not bad, as finales go, but what do I do with that ending? What does that mean? The sleeper has awakened?

:: The End ::
Well… there was some nice artwork here of there, but now enough to really wow me. And I was really missing some plot. Mostly this made me feel meh. It was ok.