Sitting at the dock of the bay…. no, wait… stone…

A Stone Sat Still
by Brendan Wenzel

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cute little story about various animals hanging out on a stone. It offers each of them something different, but always stays a constant in the world. Nice one.

Wenzel’s poem focuses on how point of view affects experience. This time, his subject is a humble stone: 

A stone sat still
with the water, grass, and dirt,
and it was as it was
where it was in the world. 

In each spread or vignette, a different wild creature encounters the round rock. […]

Have you ever seen such a place? Wenzel asks. Look closely, his words say: even the most seemingly insignificant bits of Earth offer splendor. The wonderful mixed-media creatures and their encounters entertain, while bigger ideas suggest all kinds of conversations about perception and perspective, wildlife and habitat, local and global change, and eternity and evanescence. 

Ages 3–5.

(Text in Italics from here:

I am partial to the otters and the cat, although the whole book makes me happy.

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