Secret Invasion
by Brian Michael Bendis

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is not a well structured review, more of a stream-of-consciousness-commentary. Here we go…

I liked the direction the prologue was going and the artwork wasn’t bad either. Maybe a winner?


Chapter 1
It‘s Tony! 


This comic had me at Red Alert!And there is humour! Sarcasm! Who the heck are Simon, Carol and Bob? The Civil War thing isn‘t quite done with, is it? I like this story!

Artwork — some of the characters‘ proportions are a little off. Some very strange boobs. But mostly it‘s good. Very colourful. 


A little confusing there at the end…

Chapter 2
Some weird mirror verse scenario is going on… Spiderman is funny in both manifestations. Lots of fighting, bright colours, not a lot of talking or any annoying narration. FiiiizzzzChunck! Fun!


Chapter 3
An in-between chapter, connecting the dots… a little bit of Maria Hill and the helicarrier, a little bit of the bad guys, a little bit of the new Avengers…

Devastating revelation!

Chapter 4
I am confused. And why do the women always have to wear clothes that are barely there?

This would make a pretty good screenplay. But seriously, the weird boobs are distracting.

Sometimes I am not sure, which superhero I am looking at. So I am missing out on some of the fun. Just another dude with a chiselled chin in a cape…

Chapter 5
Nice page layouts! 

I am sorry, but this white dude as Nick Fury just looks wrong! Even if he started out looking like that in the original comics. Give me Samuel Jackson any day!

It feels a bit as if I‘ve accidentally stumbled into the set of Men in Black with all those alien impersonators.

Chapter 6, 7 & 8
Fighting! Lots of fighting! Resolution? Reunion? Drama! Yay! And oh no! Sadness! And oops! And no — you have got to be kidding! Well, that was bloody entertaining.

Alternative covers — some nice, some ok, not a bad offering.

I wouldn‘t mind reading the next volume. Tne next issue after this could be Secret Invasion: War of Kings — it‘s hard to tell.

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