12 thoughts on “What Counts As Speculative?

      1. Fantasy is a different genre for me – i.e. horror is not a subgenre of fantasy (same for the others). They intersect (fantasy with horror elements or vice versa) but are mostly different.

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      2. Is steampunk a genre of its own, though? I understood cyberpunk as subgenre of SF and steam/dieselpunk as subgenre of fantasy. Wikipedia classified it as „retrofuturistic subgenre of SF or science fantasy“. As a subgenre it wouldn’t need to have an entry of its own in that chart.

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      3. I had a look during breaks today and there really is a multitude of lists out there. Although Wikipedia seems to be the most commonly used. I saw the same list on more than one website. Which is why I reposted it as well. Yay… 😝

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