Definitely not my Captain America.

Captain America: Sam Wilson Vol. 1: Not My Captain America
by Nick Spencer,  Daniel Acuña (Illustrator),  Paul Renaud (Illustrator) 

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A mix of different artists, letterers, inkers, whatever… my track record is not great with that concept. Usually it ticks me off that the artwork changes from chapter to chapter… Beware, my review is a somewhat spoilerish chapter recap.


Chapter 1
Captain America is on deck and approaching! On wings!


Artwork, meh. Oh, but I do like her:


Blaxploitation comes to mind. That‘s not necessarily a good thing, is it?
A political message this strong in a Marvel comic is rather unusual. Not bad.

Chapter 2
I don‘t really like where this plot is going. And I don’t like this Cap a lot. Should he really be this inept and clueless?

Chapter 3
Cap-Wolf? Now that is funny… the artwork has gone downhill though. And the previous artwork was not up there either. The ending was a bit silly, no?

Chapter 4
This is my kind of artwork! Better!


Wordy and heavy on social commentary. I am dying to find out who the whisperer is…

Still a wolf, btw. There has been some shedding, lol! My favourite so far. Definitely the best artwork and I like the story telling as well. 

However, bottom line, this Captain America is not really happening for me.

Chapter 5
Is this dude Donald Trump in a Super Villain Snake outfit? 


The political commentary keeps on giving with a heavy hand.
Much better artwork than the previous chapters. 

Chapter 6
Ok, that wrapped up the storyline quite nicely. If you don’t mind that the guys enabling the villains got off like that. Cap turning from inept to way too jaded? The whole stock exchange thing and that newscast part were pointless. 
And it was a bit lame, that Sam is just back to his old self like that. Is that like the closing sequence in Star Trek, where everybody is back to square one and happy?
Not sure if I like the new Falcon much either. 

Oh, and Diamondback needs a job and all she can come up with is exotic dancing? The women in this are just the same old clichée, aren‘t they? Would be nice to have female superheroes or villains for a change that are not defined by the size of their boobs and lack of clothing.

Ok, I‘ll stop now, before I talk myself into rating this down any further.

PS: Yes, my review is allover the place, just like this comic. I can‘t decide if I like it or not.