My bookish week

I am currently buddy reading this ebook:

Sourdough by Robin Sloan (Goodreads Author)

Good so far. I feel the urge to bake! Hermann came out of the fridge last evening for a feeding. I am going to feed him again tonight and commence with baking tomorrow, maybe… I‘ll see how my mood strikes me and if he sings!

My current Audible:

The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones (Goodreads Author),  Shaun Taylor-Corbett (Narrator)

Very weird. I thought I had gotten a grasp on the plot. I made it halfway and something drastic happened and now I am lost at sea again. I am really slow with audiobooks, because it‘s not really my preferred medium, so it could be a while until I finish.

I keep thinking about cancelling my Audible subscription, but somehow I never manage to use up all my credits, even with taking the optional three-month-pauses.

And my current comic selection:

BLAME! Vol. 4 (BLAME! MASTER EDITION #4) by Tsutomu Nihei

I haven‘t made much headway with this yet. There is too little plot to hold my interest. The art is still good, but has become repetitive. Many fight scenes, where I find it difficult to understand what is going on exactly. We‘ll see how that progresses. I own the complete series and plan to read them all. Two more to come.

And I shopped at HUMBLE BUNLDE yesterday:


This series keeps popping up on my Goodreads feed, so I snatched up this opportunity. I got the smallest bundle, which is not much of a loss at 84 cents, if I don’t like the books. Unfortunately the books are only available as pdf or epub, which means I will read them on my iPad. Not my preferred reading device. But oh well, they came at a good price. Drawback #2, the books start in the middle of the series. I guess I will be adventurous and simply jump into the action midway!

6 thoughts on “My bookish week

    1. Yeah, maybe I just need to find a decent conversion softwear again and do that. Any recommendations?

      Salvatore — I have never read anything by him yet, so I don‘t have an opinion on him being that or not. Have you read him? If output quantity is your criterium, you have to rule out some very well established authors that way as well, for example Stephen King.

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      1. I use Calibre for managing and converting eBooks. Free software!
        I read reviews which make me believe that Salvatore doesn’t produce King‘s quality by far. But read him and tell me if I‘m right 😋


      2. Years ago I used Calibre a lot. These are the days before I pretty much stopped using a PC privately. I don‘t think there is a decent Calibre app out there for use on my iPad. I guess I will have to re-install Calibre on my ancient PC and download and convert the books there.

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      3. There should be online converters epub->mobi as well.
        Humble Bundles come usually DRMfree, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
        HumbleBundle is awesome, but I didn’t touch my last haul yet. Before I buy more, I‘ll have to read at least one or two books from that shelf 😂

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