Exploring the Megastructure

BLAME! Vol. 4
by Tsutomu Nihei

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A lot of fighting, where I struggled to understand what was going on. Very stylish artwork, minimalistic plot. Familiar looking images, that I can‘t quite name. I really like the larger panels. Great views, almost 3D. The little plot we get is good. 

I was pretty confused for long stretches of this volume. I am oscillating between 3 and 4 stars. Benefit of the doubt?

Here is my chapter-by-chapter-not-a-review…

::LOG.31:: Sanakan and Cibo ::003::

No idea. Fighting.

::LOG.32:: Vibrations ::029::

Yep, more fighting.


::LOG.33:: Collapse ::057::

Um… ok? Very stylish, no substance. Can be nice, but I wouldn‘t mind a little more here or there. 

::LOG.34:: Meltdown ::087::

Plot! Survivors having a conversation, yay! This chapter I liked. The disintegrating core reminded me of something, but I can‘t recall what…

::LOG.35:: Annihilated ::119::

Kyrii is not really vital to this volume so far. Cibo is the more central character. I like her, with her augmentations she is more interesting that monosyllabic Kyrii.

::LOG.36:: Beautiful Life ::149::

Just wrote that and a few pages later Kyrii uttered two full sentences! 😝 

I like the panels the most where we get vistas of large open spaces with massive structures or long walkways and ladders. Despite the otherwise very two-dimensional sketches, those large panels always have a lot of depth and grip to them.

::LOG.37:: Unofficial Megastructure ::177::

Ok, that was odd. Let‘s call it the travel chapter…

::LOG.38:: The Warehouse ::199::

2 million hours later? That‘s a new one! I was wondering who the heck that was.
Excellent artwork and good story in this one. This was really good. Mysterious new characters.

::LOG.39:: Type 1 Unknown Criticality Weapon ::239::

Started well, but then dissolved into another confusing fight scene.

::LOG.40:: Captured ::269::
::LOG.41:: Anti-Infiltration Electronic Space ::301::

Hm. Fish!? Cibo in action… weird blond guy is interesting. Plot, thank you!

::LOG.42:: Internal Fissures In The Megastructure ::335::

Kyrii is in somewhat yucky circumstances at the beginning of this one.
Otherwise that was a very short chapter with a very interesting ending.

Onwards to volume 5!

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