November reading

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini

A brand new space opera on an epic scale from the New York Times bestselling author of a beloved YA fantasy series.

I read the first three books of The Inheritance Cycle and liked them well enough. The movie, well… By the time the fourth book was published, I had started to actively avoid YA. So I never picked it up. Should I?

So, the much hyped adult SF novel by Paolini… All my reading buddies seemed to get a copy and those that read it were full of praise. I wasn‘t really all that interested, but I had that pesky Audible credit I wanted to get rid of… over 32 hours? Oh my Goodness… 

Yes, I did get it anyhow. Two hours into it I am thinking Alien (Weyland, Henriksen, Bishop) and most prominently Prometheus (you have to find out for yourself). Not so bad so far.

3 thoughts on “November reading

    1. I am a little over four hours into the 32 hour book now. So basically the set-up of the story. Surprisingly entertaining until now. I am not such a great fan of doorstoppers, they always take so long to get going. But this is good so far. All my reading buddies that have read it already, loved it.


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