Still wandering the Megastructure

BLAME! Vol. 5
by Tsutomu Nihei

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Here is my chapter-by-chapter-not-a-review…

::LOG.43:: Provisional Safeguards ::003::
We‘re having a flashback! 


Dhomochevsky seems to be here to stay.

::LOG.44:: Inside the Megastructure ::037::
Finally a fight scene that I followed easily, that had a great dynamic and was very well drawn.


::LOG.45:: Compound Dynamic Particles ::061::
Connecting the dots…

::LOG.46:: Temporary Access Authentication ::091::
Sorting out stuff, going places…

::LOG.47:: Infiltration ::121::
Let‘s call this the Pac-Man-Chapter…


Plenty of monsters in this one. Good action.

::LOG.48:: Impulse ::151::
::LOG.49:: Log 9 ::185::
Skocking things happening…

::LOG.50:: Distant ::215::


Good artwork, some very nice panels…. plot? Hm. Speculative. Optional. Erratic.

::LOG.51:: Parallel Battery Storage Cluster ::245::
::LOG.52:: The One Who Calls ::275::
And we are walking again. Lots of stairs. And a very nice cityscape. Not enough of those in this volume!


::LOG.53:: Omissions ::293::
::LOG.54:: Captors ::325::
That was a pretty unsatisfactory ending. 

In total very little storytelling. An almost plotless affair with very little text. World building in this volume—also not so much. This volume lives through its artwork. Mostly good, sometimes great. One more volume to come. Really wondering how this will all tie up.