Seasonal backlist

I have this fairly big backlist of books on Goodreads (and in my head), that I haven‘t posted here. Just going through them one by one and cross-posting them is fairly dull. So, hey, maybe it‘s more fun via meme? Ok, then. TOP TEN TUESDAY is doing a Holiday/Seasonal Freebie. Turns out that I don‘t have a lot of books on my list with the words Christmas, winter or snow in the title!

There is The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation (The Dukes of War, #1) by Erica Ridley.

Short, silly, predictable, entertaining. It feels like a much shorter story, although the print editions manage to be around 200 pages. Well plotted, believable characters, no big surprises. The ending feels a bit rushed. A little bit more build-up would have been nice. And maybe a twist or two. Good choice to get a glimpse into the series and to see, if you might like Ridley’s writing for a bit of mindless Regency romance fluff.

How about some snow on the cover? I give you Christmas on Conrad Street (Misty Harbor, #2) by Marcia Evanick

It was a touch too light for my taste. It was so predictable, I found it difficult to keep interested after reading about half of the book. The characters are a little too simplistic and not very mature. I liked the first book of the series, so perhaps I was just not in the mood for this one.

And that‘s it! Apparently I am not a very seasonal person…