A becoming read #ReadPOC2021

by Michelle Obama

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“When I was a kid, my aspirations were simple.  I wanted a dog. I wanted a house that had stairs in it— two floors for one family. I wanted, for some reason, a four-door station wagon instead of the two-door Buick that was my father’s pride and joy. I used to tell people that when I grew up, I was going to be a pediatrician.“ 


Michelle Obama‘s memoir, from her early childhood to the end of her second term as FLOTUS. I listened to the audiobook, as she narrated it herself. Mostly entertaining. About halfway through the audiobook I watched the Netflix rendition of her Becoming book tour. Equally entertaining.

Obviously she has a lot of important things to say about empowerment, education, equal rights—you name it—, but my primary interest really was to get to know her a little better and look behind the facade. Reading about the banana yellow car of her husband, for example. Or about going to couple‘s counseling. And I enjoyed the ride quite a bit, up until the part where she and her husband embarked on their presidential campaign. The technicalities of an electoral campaign and the politics did not interest me very much and the mentioning of memorable events throughout both terms felt a bit like ticking off a checklist at times. I could have done without the eight years of office, as they were glanced over pretty quickly and held little engaging content. I would have been quite happy, if the book had finished on the day Barack Obama was elected as POTUS. But I guess that wasn’t really an option. Still, overall this was pretty good.

This is my second entry for the January prompt of the BIPOC challenge I joined this year. My original post is here. For an explanation and the general rules please go to the actual webpage of the challenge, hosted by Lonely Cryptid Media.

The prompt and page for January is here: Books by Women of Color to Read for #ReadPOC2021