Past and future Scalzi

I read my first and only book by Scalzi in 2017:

The Collapsing Empire
by John Scalzi

Maybe I should have picked another one. 20% into the book I was contemplating to DNF it. Mostly talk, talk, talk, not much plot or character development, interchangeable characters, little world building, a lot of swearing instead of decent dialogue.

30% into the book things finally started to get more interesting and by the halfway point I was hooked and wanted to find out everything. Still too much pointless swearing, but at least the plot was evolving.

In the end I liked this well enough and contemplated to get the sequel, which hadn‘t been published at that time. I never did.

I am not sure if I like Scalzi’s writing style. I liked his characterizations, eventually. The world building was interesting, but not as deep as I would have wished. It somehow all felt a little superficial to me. Not scientific enough, a little rambly at times, not as funny as it’s probably supposed to me. The over-the-top swearing of the Lagos family members made me think of overexcited teenagers.

“I’m continually confronted with the human tendency to ignore or deny facts until the last possible instant. And then for several days after that, too.”

I received this free e-copy from the publisher/author via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review, thank you.

I just checked and low-and-behold, there is a second and a third book and the audible version of book #2 is narrated by Wil Wheaton! No, I was not a fan of Wesley Crusher. Was anyone? But Wheaton evolved into this rather cool guy.

The Consuming Fire (The Interdependency, #2)
by John Scalzi

“Wil Wheaton narrates this space opera full of political intrigue and charismatic characters. […] Wheaton delivers an expressive narration using a humorous tone when needed and employing his acting talent to bring the characters to life. This audiobook is a treat not only for Wheaton’s fans but also for anyone who is into well-written science fiction.”

(AudioFile magazine) — taken from the audiobook‘s Amazon page

My inner Trekkie rejoices! I am very, very tempted. I just have to find a good plot summary of the first book to jog my memory.

Yes, I do have Redshirts on my TBR pile!

7 thoughts on “Past and future Scalzi

  1. I haven’t read much Scalzi yet, but I did enjoy Redshirts (narrated by Wil Wheaton). I plan to read The Interdependency series, but haven’t gotten there yet.

    Um. I did like Wesley Crusher. But then, when the series was new I was the perfect age to have a crush on him. So there’s that. 😉

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