Something creepy in the woods…

Wild Sign (Alpha & Omega, #6)
by Patricia Briggs

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The 6th installment of Alpha & Omega. Well-known characters do their thing. It‘s a bit like eating comfort food. You know what your‘re getting, it‘s enjoyable, mostly safe and entertaining. 

The FBI shows up at the doorstep of Anna and Charles and asks for help. A village in the mountains has disappeared and something potentially evil lurks in the woods.

Solid story telling with a decent plot, told from various POVs, with slightly overlapping timelines at chapter endings and beginnings. We finally get a closer look at Leah‘s backstory. I still don‘t like her very much, but considering how badly Bran has treated her all this time, I guess I should cut her some slack.

I wouldn‘t have minded, if the FBI had shown up again towards the end of the book, they were left dangling a bit. Another plot bunny is the story of Sherwood Post. And the fandom (me!) would probably very much enjoy to read a book about Samuel and Ariana and what they have been up to until now.

And that epilogue… exciting possibilities!

4 thoughts on “Something creepy in the woods…

  1. Yes! You finally read this, and I’m so glad you liked it too! I just like this world so much.

    I did read a review where the bloggers pointed out that many of Brigg’s characters are sexual abuse/ trauma survivors, esp. the women. Anna, Leah, Mercy, etc., and in most books in the series, they get exposed to some similar episode of attack. It took me aback, and I can’t help but think it’s true? I wonder how to balance that view with my liking for this book/ series.

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    1. It‘s true. Have you read all the Mercy and A&O books? Why should you dislike the books because of it? Unless it triggers you and makes you too uncomfortable to read.


      1. Yes, read and loved all the books. But I guess the theme is uncomfortable because SFF does this to women a lot… like fridging. So a lot of female SFF authors, like Seanan McGuire and Sarah Gailey, have protested to this. I think their opinions would be available online. Just a new angle to consider going forward

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