Ghost magic

by Darcie Little Badger,  Rovina Cai (Illustrator)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Yes, it‘s Young Adult, not my favourite genre. But it looked interesting. And while I didn‘t bite my nails, the story was not bad and the writing was good. More background about the world this is set in would have been nice. Essentially it‘s UF/magical realism, set in our place and time, with ghosts, vampires and fae added to the mix. My favourite gadget: instant teleportation via fae ring.

Author and female main character are Lipan Apache. Ellie is 17 years old and has the power to call animal ghosts into being. This power is her family‘s gift and we keep getting short insights into one of Ellie‘s female ancestors. Besides powers and gifts of indigenous people, other magic has made its way from the old world, aka the mentioned vampires and fae.

In her dreams Ellie is contacted by a dyeing relative, asking her to find out why he was murdered and to protect his family. The mystery is nicely done. 

The illustrations above each chapter are pretty. I tried in vain to find a read thread in them or a connection to what happens in the respective chapters. I‘m assuming that the girl is Elatsoe and the dog is Kirby.

PS: I thought about tagging this as LGBT, but it‘s so fleeting, it‘s barely there.

10 thoughts on “Ghost magic

  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of blog buzz around this book, wondered what it was about. The YA tag definitely kept me away! Looks like this was a good deal, overall — esp. the fae ring, haha.

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    1. There was definitely not enough about the fae ring travel… 😃 Some reviewers mentioned that this read a bit like middle grade, because it lacks the usual YA drama. It was a nice read and got quite a few nominations and awards.

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      1. The MC seems to be asexual, it‘s only mentioned once. I debated submitting it as my choice #ReadPoc2021 for the queer topic, but it‘s barely there…


      2. For the asexual MC grouping, I think that Seanan McGuire’s Every Heart a Doorway, and Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann may both fit? See if you want to try either of those~

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