Romcom with baked goods

Accidentally Engaged: deliciously romantic and feel-good – the perfect romcom for 2021
by Farah Hero

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The book blurb roughly sums up the first half of the book. Enjoyable, humorous, not too silly and not too much drama. Well, ok, there is some slightly unnecessary drama in the middle and a lot of drama towards the end, but that is par for the course in contemporary romance. The characters remain likable, including the family and friends and nobody is TSTL. I wanted to smack Reena‘s mum once or twice, but it all turned out well. 

Reena‘s actions at one point confused me, as they seemed to come out of the blue and didn‘t make much sense to me. Grown-ups in contemporary romance don‘t always behave as such and failure to communicate is often a given.

There is baking and sourdough starter and delicious Indian/East African food…

“I know you think I’m weird, but you’re the one who brought a sourdough starter for a weekend in the country.”

It made me feel slightly bad for keeping my sourdough starter in the fridge so much and for declining a friend’s offer to look after it during a short holiday. I am pretty sure I will try Reena‘s parathas at some point. I would buy the cookbook, too. 

I read some reviews by Muslim readers and can see why they are not happy about the book. If you are looking for a book that represents Islam and Muslim life, this is not it.

If you are looking for light romance and great food though, you are bang on with this. I almost cried twice towards the end and I am somewhere between 4 and 5 stars. I want samosas now…

7 thoughts on “Romcom with baked goods

  1. Well, that’s a lot of Indian cuisine in here! And I’m all for baked goods, though of course that means raiding the kitchen / fridge while reading the book. 😂 Looks like this was a lot of fun overall. I’m hoping this qualified for the #ReadPOC2021 challenge too?

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    1. 😝 The bit about not tossing out any discard, but maintaining all that superfluous starter was quite cute… I would just drown in sourdough, if I didn‘t keep Herman in the fridge!


      1. Wow, yeah. I can’t imagine trying to use all the discard without keeping mine in the fridge! Speaking of… I’ll be making muffins with sourdough discard today. That’s one of my favorite uses for discard! (Pretzels and pizza are the others.)

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      2. I usually make waffles with it or crackers. I also have a bread recipe with discard and instant yeast… muffins sounds good as well though!


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