9 thoughts on “Looking forward to…

  1. That Dune trailer is AMAZING! I loved Herbert’s original book. I’ve got the DVD’s of the TV Mini Series done in 2000 too which was pretty good, but this film looks like it could blow audiences away!

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    1. Yes, the miniseries wasn‘t bad. I don‘t go to the cinema a lot anymore. I will have to keep my eyes peeled if I can find a screening in English, when the movie is released…


      1. Well, I live in Germany and movies tend to be dubbed in German. There are cinemas in Germany that show movies in English, I just have to find one that plays this movie. We’ll see in October.


    1. Well, the first movie is pretty odd. I like it, but it is anything but a good representation of the book. From the trailers and what else I have seen of the new movie, it looks pretty good.

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