Horrible Barn

Gideon Falls, Vol. 1: The Black Barn
by Jeff Lemire,  Andrea Sorrentino (Illustrator),  Dave Stewart (Illustrator) 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was excellent. I liked the artwork very much. Some very unusual page layouts, visually different. Really good story telling. Horror elements that reminded me of Stephen King. Very ominous and creepy. I will definitely look up more works by Sorrentino. Old Man Logan has been on my radar for a while anyway.

My chapter reviews are somewhat spoilerish, I give away some minor plot points. You have been warned.

Issue #1 – We start off with two storylines. There is Norton, a former mental patient, obsessively collecting waste allover town and cataloguing it. And there is Father Fred, a priest, arriving at his new parish, Gideon Falls.

They are both being led to the same target, the Black Barn.

Issue #2 – so far the story is good. Ominous. The artwork is different. It looks a bit like a coloured lithography.

Father Fred, aka Wilfred, is in a spot of trouble. There have been some murders and he is a person of interest.

And it looks as if nobody, who knows about the Black Barn, is safe.

Issue #3 – Norton inadvertently pulls his psychologist into the story and into danger.

Father Fred settles into life at Gideon Falls and holds his first mass. He meets most of his parishioners and the members of town, including the more unusual ones. Some pretty interesting artwork…

Issue #4 – the unusual page layouts keep on coming. Father Frank keeps on finding out more about the history of Gideon Falls.

Issue #5 – pretty cool artwork. I especially like the different styles between Norton‘s and Father Fred‘s story. 

Issue #6 – ok, then. The climax, the barn, partial resolution, a start into the next volume…