Birthright #1
by Joshua Williamson,  Andrei Bressan (Illustrator),  Adriano Lucas (Illustrator) 

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The first issue of this series came for free. There are 50 (!) single issues as of June 2021. That seems to be the end of it though. 

Magical journey of a boy disappearing from the park, where he was playing catch with his dad. 

Portal fantasy with a bit of a World of Warcraft look. Turns out he is The Chosen One. Beings from a mystical realm are trying to save the world, potentially with the help of a small boy. Naturally, there is an unexpected twist at the end. On the other end of the story is the boy‘s family and what his loss is doing to them.

Solid start to a very long-looking series. Nothing outstanding or truly surprising in the first issue, with the exception of that small cliffhanger at the end. The artwork is ok. I took some peeks at later issues and I am pretty sure the story develops nicely. 

Will I continue with this series? Not right now. 
Would I buy it for a friend or recommend it? Yes, quite likely, it was nice enough.