Brain candy at the center of the Earth

After my recent struggle into hard SF and before my next venture into 400+ pages of Fantasy I decided to read some brain candy as palate cleanser:

Return to the Center of the Earth by Greig Beck

“Those who descend into the dark find monsters. Or become them.”

Page 1

This is my review of book one.

I am also still reading:
– Dominion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction from Africa and the African Diaspora, ebook, #ReadBIPOC2021, TBR pile, Netgalley
– Babylon’s Ashes, audio, Expanse #6, re-read
– Tietjen auf Tour: Warum Camping mich glücklich macht, paperback, TBR pile

I have lined up for September:
City of Bones, ebook 
– Persepolis Rising, audio, Expanse #7, re-read
– Tiamat’s Wrath, audio, Expanse #8, re-read
– Ancillary Sword, audio, Imperial Radch #2, re-read